Introducing Amobee Impact

This article initially appeared on Amobee’s corporate blog

We are excited to announce the launch of Amobee Impact – an expansion of our award-winning mobile solutions – at a time of massive growth and opportunity in the mobile advertising industry.

Consumers are spending more time on mobile than any other device, accounting for 51% of their total digital media usage per day.

As mobile advertising spend is expected to top $100 billion worldwide by the end of this year alone, a 430% increase from 2013, according to eMarketer, advertisers need to look beyond expected tactical executions and adopt a mobile strategy that considers specific ad formats for specific objectives.

Amobee Impact’s expanded suite of mobile products will enable brands and agencies across all verticals to break through a fragmented digital environment by delivering immersive mobile ad experiences with high impact ad formats. These formats deliver unparalleled consumer engagement and brand lift through full-sensory and feature-driven experiences. Sight, sound and motion all drive engagement across these innovative units.

Brands including our client partner at Lexus have experienced great results with high impact mobile ad formats:

“Lexus’ partnership with Amobee allowed us to engage luxury auto intenders and highlight the all-new 2015 Lexus IS performance features within content that was based on relevant, real time audience insights and trends. Amobee’s advanced cinematic 3D creative delivered an immersive brand experience that engaged consumers and reflected Lexus’ passion for innovation,” said MaryJane Kroll, Lexus Media Manager.

To highlight a few of the new formats included in the Amobee Impact suite include responsive, three-screen Halo Takeover, the ability to create virtual fitting rooms with Amobee’s proprietary 3D technology, leveraging location services to drive foot traffic, and tapping into Amobee’s in-house creative team for custom development. The In-Content Scroller format is one that we’re excited about as it takes full-page interstitials to the next level by filling the page as the viewer scrolls, with customized, animated introductions that expand beyond the banner as well as integrated social functionality.

At Amobee, we have always looked at mobile as a highly personal channel for brands to authentically connect with their audience – for many, mobile is now the first screen. Consequently, the brands that understand how best to leverage mobile will have more influence throughout the customer path to purchase. In order to help brands understand how mobile fits in with their target audience, Amobee Brand Intelligence is layered in to provide actionable insights to inform the creative development, media strategy and activation of Amobee Impact units. Amobee’s patented technology analyzes over 60 billion digital content engagements daily across the web, mobile, social and video, helping brands and agencies gain a 360-degree view of consumers, brand associations and sentiment.

The launch of Amobee Impact signifies another important milestone in our goal to offer the most advanced cross channel, cross device digital advertising solutions and the technology to execute on strategy. To learn more about Amobee Impact, please read our official announcement here.

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