Coming Soon: F45 is Set to Open Seven New Locations in San Diego County

F45 San Diego

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Fitness acronyms are all the rage these days. Words like AMRAP, EMOM, HIIT, and LISS are part of fitness fanatics’ daily vocabulary. Well, listen up because we have another acronym to add to the top of your list: F45.

F45—“functional 45-minutes”—packs a punch with just 45 minutes of functional high-intensity interval training (perfect for those of us who are “too busy” to hit up the gym).

Australia meets America’s Finest City

F45 originated in Australia, and the concept caught on quickly (just like the workouts). The franchise now has over 800 studios worldwide, including a number of their sweat spots in our town. And with 27 different workout themes and a base of over 3,000 exercises, you can guarantee that no two workouts are the same.

How does it work?

F45 pairs class participants up with one to two other people who stick together during the entire circuit workout (friends that sweat together, right?). Circuits are based on functional training — in other words, exercises that mirror everyday movements and utilize multiple muscle groups.

Don’t worry about memorizing the functional training moves, though. Each studio contains TVs that demonstrate the daily workouts and trainers (typically 1-3 per class) walk around during class to offer help and some clutch form adjustment.

Sweat spots in San Diego

Even more convenient than the intense 45-minute workout, F45 studios are popping up all over San Diego County. The fitness studio already has locations currently open in downtown San Diego, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, La Jolla, Sorrento Valley, and Mission Gorge. And are you ready for this? New locations are planned to open soon in North Park, Hillcrest, Little Italy, East Village, Torrey Ranch, Scripps Highland, and Rancho Del Rey.

So, what about those excuses now? We’ll see you there!

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