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Bodies in Motion is a One-of-a-Kind Community Experience


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While San Diego offers dozens (let’s be real here… hundreds) of options to get your sweat on, how many of these are designed to build a strong community at the same time? Yeah, we can’t think of many either.

Enter Bodies in Motion: an experience, a gathering, and sometimes a serious workout.

Move, Explore, Create

Bodies in Motion is a series of monthly pop-up community events and workouts designed to get you out into new places with new people to try new activities hosted by a power couple with backgrounds in the fitness space. These pop-ups have ranged from yoga in hidden, beautiful spots, rollerblading along the water, human leapfrog checker games, acro-yoga, partner relays and games, and hidden hikes to sketch and draw the beachy scenery.

All of the events are led by dynamic duo Angelo and Lauren, as well as guest experts in the fitness and community leadership space. Oh, and we should mention that it’s all free.


While the two behind Bodies in Motion events announces a date and signup link each month, they don’t release much other information until you show up. They simply tell you what to wear and where to meet. The events are designed from the very start to allow you get out of your comfort zone and go with the flow. All you need to know: you’ll smile and you’ll break a sweat.

Fixin’ to join in? Stay tuned for the next Bodies in Motion event by following along at here!

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