Emily Elyse Torres

I’m Emily Elyse Torres

Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Emily Elyse Torres grew up a storyteller, always scrawling stories on scraps of paper, enjoying when teachers assigned reading and essays and documenting every moment with friends and family with a small digital camera and a scrapbook. As she grew older, this innate draw to narrative took the form of lifestyle and food blogging and freelance writing, perfecting the filter on an Instagram and the hashtag for a tweet, documenting moments with an upgraded DSLR and forming ways she could creatively tell stories for herself and those around her.

Now, by day, Emily Elyse is a Social Media & Content Strategist and by night, she is a food, fitness and lifestyle freelance writer and blogger. Emily’s storytelling has been featured in POPSUGAR Fitness, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog and LOCALE Magazine. She also runs her own blog, Espresso & Endorphins.

She currently lives in sunny San Diego and aside from telling stories, she enjoys running, hiking, art, red wine, sunrises, yoga and exploring new places.